What is a Paint Horse?

                   Overo                                                                            Tobiano

Paint or Pinto?
Many times the terms Paint Horse and Pinto Horse are incorrectly used interchangeably.  To be eligible for registration with The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) the applicant must be able to prove parentage from one of the three approved registries - APHA, AQHA and TB as well as meet a minimum color requirement.  Any horse (except a horse of draft blood) meeting the color requirements, regardless of it's parentage , can be registered with the Pinto Assoc. While horses can and often are double registered with APHA and the Pinto registry, the two registries are independent.  

Color Patterns

Tobiano:  (tow be yah' no)

Overo:  (oh vair' oh)

Tovero:  (tow vair' oh)

Solid or Breeding Stock:
In addition to the Regular Registry the APHA has established the Breeding Stock registry for those horses who meet all bloodline requirements but lack sufficient white hair with underlying, unpigmented skin to be included in the Regular Registry.   The Breeding Stock registry was developed so as not to lose the potential offspring of horses eligible by blood to be Paint Horses but how lack the Paint coloring. Horses registered in the Breeding Stock registry can be shown at APHA approved shows in separate Breeding Stock classes and earn points toward their Register Of Merit (ROM), Superiors, and Championships.  All registered Paints, Regular or Breeding Stock can compete in the Outside Competitive Activities Programs (OCAP).  

What is a Cropout?

When two Quarter Horse or TB parents produce a foal with excessive white the result is eligible for registry with the APHA as a cropout.  Cropouts must meet the minimum color requirement to qualify for regular registry.  Stallions and mares that do not meet this requirement may be considered for the Breeding Stock Registry.  Cropout geldings are not eligible for the Breeding Stock registry for obvious reasons.  

Quarter Horse cropouts may be eligible for registration with both the AQHA and the APHA (referred to as double registered).  However, the horse must meet the color requirements of both registries.  

Two Thoroughbred parents may also produce a cropout foal, but the Jockey Club has no color rule restrictions.  Therefore, a foal may be double registered with the APHA and the Jockey Club if it has the minimum amount of color to meet APHA's color rule.  

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