Skyfire Paints & Quarter Horses


Specializing in All Around Paints and the occasional Quarter Horse. Our horses are ranch raised, imprinted, and well socialized as babies and yearlings, started slowly as two and three year olds and allowed to grow and mature naturally. They are exposed to a wide variety of stimulus including cows, trails, clinics, shows, and kids. We bred for conformation and temperament first and foremost. No matter how pretty it is, a horse needs to have a good mind and stay sound. The color is the icing on the cake.



Just a Fancy Chick
APHA Chestnut Overo
2003 Mare



Just Fletcher
APHA Red Dun Solid
2006 Gelding



Peaceful Conclusion:
APHA Sorrel Overo
1999 mare.


Single Tall Mocha:  
APHA Chestnut Overo
1998 Mare




Sucha Smooth Imprint:
APHA Bay Solid
2003 Mare


Traditional Cash
APHA Red Dun Solid
2005 Gelding


El Negro Lobo:  
APHA Bay Solid
1995 Gelding



Skeeters Reward
1990 Gelding


Tuesday's picture coming soon
Tuesday De La Luz:
APHA Palomino (Dunalino)
Tobiano 1997 Mare


Don't count.... I don't want to know!  


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