Skyfire's Honored Veterans

Over the years we have had many great Labs share some of their joy with us. 
These dogs are either deceased or retired but all were part of Skyfire.

We remember them here....

"Sapphire"  1996 Black Bitch
Skyfire's Precious Jewel WC

"Cameo"  1997 Yellow Bitch
Skyfire's Cameo

1997 - 2000

 "Samba" 1997 Black Bitch
Skyfire Samba



"Mocha"  1989 Chocolate Bitch
Miss Mocha Bear CGC

1989 - 2002

"Tally"  1999 Black Bitch
Skyfire's It's Only Money Honey

"Seeker" 2001 Chocolate Dog (Cb)
Skyfire's Quidditch Star

2001 - 2004

"Dakota" 2002 Yellow Bitch

Skyfire's Dakota Girl

"Ladybird"  1995 Black Bitch
Int CH Sunnydaze Skyfire Ladybird CGC

1995 -2005

"Treasure"  2000 Yellow Bitch

Skyfire's Lil Bit Of Heaven


"Toska"  1992 Chocolate Bitch
Sunnydaze Skyfire Ragdoll CGC

1992 -2005

"Fidget" 2001 Chocolate Bitch

Skyfire's Perpetual Motion
  "Twister" 2002 Black Bitch

Skyfire's Cyclone In The Dark
"Caper"  1999 Chocolate Bitch
CH Nipntuck Skyfire Too Much Fun

"Melody" 2003 Black Bitch

Skyfire's Unnamed Melody

"Puppet"  2000 Black Bitch
Skyfire's On The Line

"Dreamer" 2004 Black Bitch

Can CH Willoridges Bring It On

"Dizzy" 2002 Yellow Bitch

Skyfire's Life On The Edge

"Alibi"  1998 Chocolate Dog (Cc)

Am / Can CH Skyfire's Oughta Be A Law JH CD WC

1998 - 2011

"Mister" 2003 Black Dog

Skyfire's Dangerous Company

  Amos "Amos" 2006 Black Dog (Bc)

Skyfire's Famous Amos

"Lil Bear" 2003 Black Bitch

Skyfire's Kodiak Bombshell

  Marshmallow   "Marshmallow" 2005 Chocolate Female

Skyfire's S'more Fun

"Rebel"  2005 Chocolate Female

Skyfire's Southern Charm


"Ubu" 2005 Black Female

Harbortop Skyfire Oughta Be Tops


"Vee" 2007 Black Female

Skyfire's The V Stands for Vendetta



"Turner" 2007 Chocolate Female

Skyfire's Double Play

"Beatle"  2006 Black Female

Skyfire's Too Famous


"Shimmer" 2006 Black Female

Skyfire's Wet All Over


"Gucci" 2007 Black Female

Can CH Cimarron's By Gosh N By Golly


"Fling" 2008 Black Female

Skyfire's Midnight Dalliance


"Presley" 2008 Chocolate Female

CH Skyfire's Luv Me Tynder

Co-owned with Tynder Labradors


"Monroe" 2010 Yellow Female

Skyfire's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


"Dotti" 2010 Black Female

Skyfire's Some Like It Hot






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