Skyfire Labradors

An active breeding kennel for over tweny years now,  At Skyfire, we strongly believe in the Labrador that is a joy to live with, a steady companion to hunt over, beautiful to look at, who will live a sound, healthy, long-life.  To these ends we actively show our dogs in conformation, use them as hunting partners, compete in obedience and agility, and screen all breeding stock.  We  offer stud service to approved girls and occasionally have puppies or an older dog available to just the right homes.



Currently Labradors in all three colors call Skyfire home.



Our Ladybird taking Reserve Winners Bitch
handled by six year old Jessica.

Although my husband, John, grew up with retrievers, primarily labs, I had only had small dogs... "It's called a what? Shih Tzu" - Bless You ..... When we married I told my hubby, I've got to have a dog! his reply, I won't have anything but a Lab - viola - Mocha arrived.  Mocha was a wonderful first Lab. Not quite something you'd want to take in the show ring but Mocha forever sold me on Labs. Just a puppy herself when our oldest son arrived she became a chew toy, activity center, pillow, and general entertainment for a very active toddler. To her final day Mocha would still occasionally give me "the Look" when the kids were playing with / on her, practicing showing her, using her as a pillow or bed warmer, or just generally mauling her. "The Look" said - Hey Mom! I was here first.... when are they leaving?  We lost Mocha in the spring of 2001.  The footprints she left here are giant and every Labrador who crosses our path will be judged against the true Labrador temperment that Mocha embodied.    

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Want to see what's in the nursery?
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Skyfire Labradors
Stephanie Harris

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